The Picollo wedding Book

The Picollo Wedding Book is an entry level album that doesn’t break the bank, but is a very presentable album and becomes the perfect place to showcase your wonderful photos, taken on your wedding day.

“The quality Wedding book that doesn’t break the Bank”

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A lot of modern day brides and grooms ask the question “Do many people go for wedding albums anymore” and the answer is- of course they do. In the modern world we are so used to looking at digital images on the phone or iPad or whatever device it is that you use. We tend to ignore the fact that although the images are very accessible, they are not very secure. Digital images began their life saved on a floppy disc and then a CD/DVD disc and more recently they are stored on a U.S.B herd drive or cloud. Here in lies the problem, if you don’t keep saving your photos on the storage media that is being constantly updated over the years, you will lose your digital files as they become obsolete. The only way to guarantee the safety of your images long term, is by having a hard copy. Your wedding day is one of the most expensive days of your life and the only memento you will have 20 years into the future to show your kids is the photo’s. It cant be said enough, the importance of a wedding album! By all means go for the digital package but in time you have to consider going back to your photographer and get that wedding album printed. You wont regret it!

It is just brilliant if your pocket can afford it to go for the big album, what you pay for is always what you get in the lines of quality. But it cant always be affordable. When you choose your wedding package you have to go with what you can afford and everyone’s preferences differ. A marriage is always best built on strong foundations and one of the keys to having good foundations is keeping the bank balance out of the red. This album ticks a lot of boxes. it is a quality album although it’s not very big, but big enough at the same time. It’s inexpensive which to a lot of couples is extra money in your pocket at a time when you need it. Most importantly it’s your insurance that you will have wedding photos to show the kids in years to come. You can show them , that one day, a long time ago Mammy was a princess and Daddy was a prince.

Price : €1250

**The Picollo Wedding book package includes the full digital package

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