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Boxed Valentino Wedding Album

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When the strength of elegance creates the form

The elegant line, the purity of the colours, the accolades from the younger generation, make the Boxed Valentino an extremely versatile project, iconic and always chic. The freshness of its inner nature is perfectly reflected by the name of this new line: Valentino. The idea developed from the yet unexpressed need to create more flexible lines dedicated to young and trend-conscious couples.
We have been searching for alternatives and willing to offer a fresh and distinctive service, capable of distinguishing their artistic personality.


A state-of-the-art product where layouts are the main characters. Valentino is a book of minimal and rigid lines, composed by different elements combined in a refined harmonic balance of materials and shapes, which become the focal point of a line reflecting the personality of those who choose it.


The Valentino book represents going beyond of a formal and yet unsurpassed limit, where the book was obtained through the creation of thick covers, with a round spines. Today curves disappear, covers get thinner making way to the essential shapes of the box and book for a minimal and simple result which denotes a strong avant-garde taste.

that last

Refined materials, special solutions such as our internationally patented seamless binding, the perfectly lay flat opening and the extreme attention to the finishing are the distinctive marks of the Boxed Valentino book: a memento guaranteed to preserve unaltered through the years, the charm and the emotions of the most beautiful story in the world.

Passion and creativity

The quest for endless innovation has lead us to create emotions before products. The art and passion of the photographers, the sensibility expectations and dreams of the couples, the emotions and amazement of their loved ones… all these feelings take form in a book that you will love at first sight. This book  shapes the dreams thanks to a world-class quality and a style that expresses all the charm of handmade in Italy.


Valentino dresses the Wedding Book with the style of its brand: intense colours, distinguished by steady lines and intelligent objects, such as the box and the accessories which complete this range, offer creative expressive chromatic notes. There are many different colour combinations,  this album is capable of satisfying even the most refined tastes.