Memorial cards Limerick


Remember Me Memorial cards Limerick

Remember me memorial cards Limerick , are a tribute to those who have passed from this world,
Whom we have loved dearly and want to keep in our memory’s long into the future.
In life each one of us takes different paths and makes certain choices that make each one of us
individual and unique.Remember me cards take all these personal attributes into consideration
when designing a unique card to encapsulate our loved ones character and life’s journey into a memorial card.
To create such a card we meet with the loved ones family and together we create A card that is a fitting tribute
to the dearly beloved. We go through all the photos, talk about the places and things
in life that was so important to your loved one and then we design a remember me card or bookmark
which will become the perfect tribute to this person’s life.
Remember me cards do not work from templates,
each card is individually designed to our client’s needs, nothing gets printed until you are completely
happy with the design  and layout that you think best suits your loved ones unique life.
To lose a loved one, is one of the hardest challenges in life,
at remember me ,we will do anything in our power to help you ,in your time of Loss.
We will meet you at your home or wherever you are most comfortable
to discuss your remember me memorial card.

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