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Joe Diggins /Photography studio Limerick  / Portraits/Large groups/New born/Baby photographer. We have fully equipped portrait studio which caters for small and large groups. We also have a mobile service, so if you are unable to come to our studio we can come to you.

Welcome to Joe Diggins Photography Studio, We are delighted you are taking the time to visit our portrait photography website and hope you enjoy the experience as you browse examples of our previous work in  Portraiture,and learn about us here at our portrait studio. We are firstly very easy going, very welcoming and we will soon put you at your ease for your portrait session.

When you arrive at our studio just relax. All the preparations, getting yourself ready for your studio session is done. Now it is time to  let our photographer guide you through the session, we will take as long as is necessary working together to get great images for you to choose from. Don’t be apprehensive about how you will look in the photos, you will look great, because you are relaxed, you are at ease, you are happy and working together we will get that wonderful image you so desire. relax, smile and enjoy the studio session (That doesn’t sound like work ! now does it?) When you are comfortable and relaxed in a portrait studio, the smile will naturally appear. remember that when you smile it radiates a beauty around your face and an aura in the room and the end result is beautiful images which you will cherish.

For Family photo sessions, forget about the kids, Trust in your photographer ,Let them take charge and use their experience to get the children’s attention. look out for yourself, relax be calm, ( It’s me time) enjoy the shoot and smile. The results will be amazing.

Some times it is not possible to come to the studio.For example, in the case of a new-born baby that might be a little sick ,at the time. You might think it best to keep them in their home environment. We have a mobile service available where we can come and set up the mobile studio in your home and the baby’s daily routine is not interrupted.

How much can we expect to be charged ? We don’t charge a sitting fee which means, we have it  built into the price. In plain mans language this means if you don’t like the photos you don’t pay, and the happier you are with the photos and the more you order ,the better value you get.

We take a €50 Deposit which will go towards the price of your prints, or will be returned if you are not happy with any of the photo’s.

**There is no sitting fee**
Satisfaction guaranteed as there is no pressure to buy anything if you don’t like the photo’s.


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These are some studio portrait deals available –


  • (2) 10 x 8 mounted prints €60
  • (3) 10 X 8 mounted prints €75
  • (5) 10 x 8 mounted prints €100
  • 12 x 6 mounted prints €30 each
  • A3 framed and mounted print €110
  • A4 framed and mounted print €90
  • 10 x 8 framed and mounted print €85
  • Canvas prints, photo on wood and  HD metal also available , prices given on request.

When you spend €150 you get all jpegs of photos taken on the day with no watermarks.

Discounts are available for orders over €150