Camera phone Vs Professional Camera

     Camera phone Vs Professional Camera

The cost of Professional photographers have made a lot of people question whether or not they are worth the expense, especially since the camera phone has gotten so good as picture quality seems to be getting better and better.


sony experai

the Sony Experia phone

nikon d80

The Nikon D800

At Joe Diggins Photography

we like to inform our followers about photography.

 for their benefit We are going to have a shoot OFF

          between the camera phone and the professional camera to show what you get from both.

In the blue corner we have the Sony experia phone, and in the Red corner we have the Nikon D800

Firstly I have to stress that this is not a battle of professional photographer Versus an Amateur photographer     this is a battle   of the equipment. We will discuss Professional  Photographer Versus Amateur photographer in a future post.

To test photo quality you must test the product under different lighting modes and then zoom into the image to see the true quality.


Lets see what we got!





shannon airport   1/ The image on the left was taken during the day in Shannon airport , both sections that have been enlarged are very pixelated, Look at how blurred the two people are in the photo. This was taken with the Sony Experia  – The Quality 0f an image is determined by the sharpness of the area in focus


this image scores 1/10

2/ The image on the right was taken through a Ryan air window ,you can see what effect  day light has on the image it is well lit and therefore the lettering of the Ryan air logo is very sharp, this was taken with the sony experia

scores 8/10


            3/The central image above is also taken in daylight, the subject is well lit, the small area zoomed into is pretty sharp, this was taken with a Nikon D800

scores 9/10

nail in wood

Driftwood Nail

4/ The image on the left is of a rusty nail on a piece of driftwood, on the beach, If you look closely at the top of the nail which has been enlarged you can see particles of sand flying in the breeze, This is perfectly sharp which is referred to as “pin sharp” again taken in daylight. Taken by D800

scores 10/10

cutting the cake

player of the year 2015

5 and 6/ These images were both taken indoors and this is where camera phones fail miserably

both photos were taken with flash, both cameras white balance was set for incandescent but one has kept the natural colours and the other has an orange tint on it,

the photo of the bride and groom was taken with the D800  score 9/10

the photo of the award presentation was taken with the experia score 1/10

The result of this bout would of gone the distance except for the last images, where daylight was not available.

unfortunately the sony experia was knocked out in the last round but would of lost on points in any case.

The result shows that the camera phone can do the easy stuff fairly o.k but when natural lighting is not present it is better used as a phone. The D800 is a superb camera and the ability to zoom into images for cropping purposes is its top quality while still keeping the image pin sharp.

A couple of months ago a young lady sent me a beautiful photo taken with a camera phone ,and she wanted the image enlarged and put on canvas .unfortunately this could not be done . A 10″ x 8″ print would have been too pixelated, And this is where camera phones fail miserably.

A photo is a moment in time captured forever and if you use a camera phone to capture that moment, don’t be surprised if you are disappointed, and the moment is gone!

The next Shoot off will be Amateur photographer or professional photographer for your wedding day.

hopefully it wont all end in tears!