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Mairead and PJ Wedding sneak peak

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Wedding photography season :style and accessories

 superdrug bhs small

Wedding Photography: Style and accessories.

Wedding photography season is now upon us and what makes wedding photography all the more easier on the day is when everyone is looking great, people hav...

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Communion Photography

2016 communion ad large

Communion Photography at the church or in the studio.

March April and May is traditionally the time of year when the little boys and girls make their holy communion...

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rules of Composition in photography

Rules of Composition in photography

Anyone can click the shutter release on a camera and take a photo, but what makes a photo stand out from the rest? This can be answered in one word, Composition.

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Photo story :The Skellig rock Wedding stone

The Skellig rock Wedding stone

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate to take a boat over to The Skellig rock, fortunate because the boats only go out if their isn’t a swell in the sea.

Before I began ...

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Tips when taking a photo – Shutter Speed

The photo below was taken in Clare Glens with a slow shutter speed using a tripod.

Shutter Speed

A camera shutter is a curtain in front of the camera sensor that stays closed until the camera fires...

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